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Put Simply at Durham Dog Care…………..We Just Love Dogs!!!

We would love to help you in any way we can, from training and behaviour help, to advice on the best diet for your dog and home from home boarding.

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Meet the Crew


Jamie Muir

Jamie is Durham Dog Care’s Trainer and Behaviourist, his mission is to understand what makes our furry friends tick . Jamie’s never seen without a dog, wandering over the fells of Waldridge with his pack of buddies or helping other people to get the best out of life for their dogs. In his spare time he is a Tai Chi Instructor and draws upon Tai Chi principles when dealing with dogs, especially dogs with psychological problems. Jamie is a qualified trainer and member of the IMDT and has studied with some of the worlds best known dog trainers including Steve Mann, Nando Brown, Brenda aloff and Grisha Stuart.


Big Mama
Bhanti is the gentle big old bear. She likes to sit in her corner and watch all the daily goings on with the other dogs. When she thinks its getting a bit too rowdy she will stand up and give a loud WOOF! To be honest they all ignore her though, as they know she’s just a big softy really.

Jen Muir

Jen looks after the smooth running of the Canine Health Food Shop, while continuing her research into Canine Nutrition . Jen travels the country attending Seminars from the best Holistic Vets in the country and has completed a Diploma in Canine Nutrition. Like Jamie Jen is a qualified Complementary therapist, practising and teaching Massage, Shiatsu, Acupuncture & TCM Food Energetics since 1999 to both human and canine clients alike!


The Big Daft
Ralf or Cuddly Rug, as we like to call him is the newest member of the family. He’s a big hairy lovable dope. When he’s not playing with the other dogs or pinching slippers he’s out helping Jamie with training, and is doing really well.


The Dude
Flacco had a bad start in life but since we adopted him 3 years ago he has come on leaps and bounds. He obviously loves his new life and all the new friends he’s made, His favourite thing is doing tricks and loves to show off his skills to anyone who comes in (except the postman!). He;s a bit of a cuddle monster too!