Behaviour Training Consultation

From aggression to anxiety, over excitability to phobias, Jamie’s Effective, Kind, Modern Reward based methods will help you tackle your dog’s behavioural problems, and transform your best friend into a well-trained, happy, contented pooch!!!

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Dog Behaviour Training in Durham

Jamie works with all kinds of behavioural issues from minor irritations such as excessive barking and puling on the lead to serious aggression and reactivity. So whatever the problem, get in touch and Jamie will be happy to talk it through with you.

Dog Behaviour Training in Durham/Based In Chester-Le Street.

Behaviour & Training Consultation

  • Cost per Session – (allow up to 2 hours) £80 (a small travel charge may apply depending on mileage)
  • Dog Training Durham
  • Follow Up Sessions to be paid in advance See Cancellation Policy
  • Aggression cases will usually require a minimum of 2 sessions
  • Tailor made easy to follow training plans
  • Back Up Videos supplied ( if applicable)
  • Free Clicker (if applicable)
  • Unlimited email/telephone support for as long as you have the dog

paw-and-ball-300x200Imagine your dog?

  • Greeting other dogs and people politely
  • Becoming more confident and less fearful
  • Coming back when called
  • Walking well on a loose lead
  • Greeting guests calmly at the front door
  • Relaxing in the presence of other dogs
  • Paying more attention to you despite other distractions
  • Using Modern Reward Based Methods, all this (and more) is Possible!

We all want that special bond with our best four-legged friend, but this relationship can be strained when these problems arise. With a better understanding of how dogs learn, and a knowledge of how to apply these highly successful, proven training techniques, you really can enjoy a happy, harmonious friendship with your hound.

dog-with-pencil-300x200You will receive:

  • Behaviour & Training Consultation in your own home (or nearby)dog with pencil
  • Simple Positive Techniques for you and your dog
  • Follow Up Educational dvd’s (if applicable)
  • 6 months follow up email support
  • No misleading guarantees


Jamie will visit you and your dog in your home environment and talk through all the behaviour and training aspects you would like to improve. The initial consultation will usually last between one and a half to two hours, during which time he will tailor an easy to follow training programme specifically for you, based on factors such as the dogs history, diet, exercise regime, medical history, daily routine, training situation and surrounding factors.

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Jamie Muir IMDT
Dog Training Durham

Jamie is a qualified trainer and member of the IMDT and has studied with some of the worlds best known dog trainers including Steve Mannread more

Success Stories


Thanks to Jamie’s recommendation of Nutriment dog food and his behavioural expertise we have seen a massive improvement in all aspects of Poppy’s life, Her coat is thicker and shinier, she no longer wet’s the bed, she is less aggressive around other dogs and is generally calmer around the house. Unbelievable for a spaniel we know! Thanks to the food changes we have also seen improvements in her digestive movements as well as not begging for food like she did when on dry food. We are extremely grateful to Jamie, Jen (and Banti the stooge) for all their help in bringing a mad little spaniel back to earth and would recommend their services to anyone and everyone. Money well spent.

David Brown


We had two sessions with Jamie, including the initial consultation and the results were quite startling.With Jamie’s excellent coaching I was able to get one of Monty’s behaviours to disappear literally overnight and over the course of two or three weeks the food aggression gradually subsided to the point where I could put my hand in and out of his bowl at will. Learning how to use a clicker correctly has been an absolute godsend. I have no hesitation at all in recommending the services of Jamie to anyone – it’s certainly the best value for money I’ve had in a long time.

Paul Alderton