Meat Love


Species-Appropriate from start to finish.

We are constantly looking for the best dog foods available and so we are delighted to introduce our Lip smackingly good Meat Love Range from the highly reputable German Company Fleischelust. This  fresh meat and treat range is definitely one of the best quality, species appropriate diets we have ever found.

Its a great option for people who would like to feed raw, but perhaps don't have the space for frozen meat or are a bit squeamish handling raw food.  Meat Love is as close to raw feeding as it gets!

All the products consist of at least 80% (Some ranges are 100%) fresh meat.   Their meat is 100% human grade standard and is fresh when packaged.There is also a range of single sourced proteins and a hypoallergenic Vet Care Line  for dogs with allergies, so no dog has to miss out. Its suitable for dogs at all stages of their lives.

We Stock:

duck and apple meat loveClassic & Vet (Complete) Range Wet Food Menus (Fresh raw ingredients are packaged and then lightly steamed, retaining all the meaty goodness Shop Now

Only high quality fresh meat ingredients (such as muscle meat,heart,liver, rumen) are processed,  All plant products used, (rice, amaranth, brown millet, potatoes, vegetables) are nutrient rich and except for one variety, gluten free.

MEAT & trEAT: The new training sausage made of 100% meat, for a 100% healthy dog treat.Meat & Treat Buffalo

These sausages have a firm consistency and can be easily and cleanly portioned in many small pieces. Containing best lean meat, heart and a little fat. Only one protein source in each snack so they are great for dogs with food sensitivities. Shop Now


The whole range is free from preservatives, flavouring agents and colourants with no chemical binding agents or added sugars. All the meat is 100% raw material of human standard with no carcass meal, cheap filler material or low grade slaughter waste. It is all of German origin and fully traceable.


Fleischeslust promises 

  • 100% raw material of human food standard
  • All meat products are freshly butchered
  • An extraordinarily high meat percentage (80%-100%) in our whole assortment
  • Manifold recipes and compositions for a balanced diet
  • Without animal testing

Please contact us for any further information on feeding the Meat Love Range, how much to feed, feeding dogs with intolerances etc..We are happy to help!

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