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June Sayer

This is the first time we’ve used Durham Dog Care, and would certainly not hesitate to do so again. We boarded Daffy for 17 nights and were extremely satisfied. We took Daffy for one night’s stay just before we left on holiday so the surroundings would be familiar to her when we left her for the longer period. We were so pleased to have done that as she settled in straight away. Thanks to both of you for doing such a grand job caring for Daphne. It’s very reassuring to know she can stay somewhere she so obviously loves to go.


Nicola Stefanou

Your service from start to finish has been exceptional. Not only were we impressed with your relaxed yet friendly attitude our dog (Mikey) seemed to really enjoy his time with you and has returned to us a very happy boy. Without a doubt we would recommend your services to friends and family. You were professional and seemed to really understand dogs and their behaviours. Our dog is part of our family and we felt comfortable leaving him with you


Janet Pawlett

Durham Dog Care provides an excellent, personal service. We were very happy to leave Linus, our cocker spaniel in their capable hands. He seemed to have had a lovely time whilst we were on holiday – it is reassuring to know that your pet is so well cared for. He came home happy and clean and happily trotted in on his return for a second visit.


David Brown

Thanks to Jamie’s recommendation of Nutriment dog food and his behavioural expertise we have seen a massive improvement in all aspects of Poppy’s life, Her coat is thicker and shinier, she no longer wet’s the bed, she is less aggressive around other dogs and is generally calmer around the house. Unbelievable for a spaniel we know! Thanks to the food changes we have also seen improvements in her digestive movements as well as not begging for food like she did when on dry food. We are extremely grateful to Jamie, Jen (and Banti the stooge) for all their help in bringing a mad little spaniel back to earth and would recommend their services to anyone and everyone. Money well spent.

Paul Alderton

We had two sessions with Jamie, including the initial consultation and the results were quite startling.With Jamie’s excellent coaching I was able to get one of Monty’s behaviours to disappear literally overnight and over the course of two or three weeks the food aggression gradually subsided to the point where I could put my hand in and out of his bowl at will. Learning how to use a clicker correctly has been an absolute godsend. I have no hesitation at all in recommending the services of Jamie to anyone – it’s certainly the best value for money I’ve had in a long time.

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